Fee: $400.00. Register today. Limited seats filled first come/first served. Payment in full assures seat. (Note: Fee is for instruction, and if applicable the book, only. Does not include transportation, housing, food, painting materials, etc.)

        'Sunday Stop'                          acrylic 16 x 20
Payment: Contact Linnea: to settle. Thank you!
18, 19, 20, 21 (half day) January
Painting Materials: See "Materials" link below. All mediums welcome. However, if beginning to learn, acrylics are the best and the most forgiving medium and so recommended. 
Painting and Teaching in the Bahamas

If you want to find something interesting to paint in Hope Town, turn your back on the lighthouse. So, this is not a "paint pretty post cards" painting course. Rather, it is a program focused on tackling painting "problems" and solving them through "exercises" to better understand "seeing" and painting color and shapes--whether landscape, still life, figure, or portrait. The course is designed for painters of all skill levels--beginner (to include having never painted) to advanced. Drawing from psychology, philosophy, communications, General Semantics, and more, Andy covers the fundamentals of "seeing," color, arranging shapes, and designing space in ways you most likely have not considered. A morning presentation, with open discussion, and afternoon demonstration fill Day 1. Then participants start painting. The three and a half day course is a casual, flexible format. It is not a competition but a fun, stress-free program geared for learning and self-improvement.  Andy's motto: "No fear - it is only paint and canvas! All shapes and colors are adjustable. Don't be so hard on yourself." 

Andy's book, On "SEEING" & Painting (An Interdisciplinary Perspective), is invaluable to understanding his approach and necessary reading before the course. For first time students the book is offered as part of the course fee. The "Books" link pertains. 

Course seats are limited (no more than a handful) giving Andy ample time for plenty of one-on-one instruction.

A Participant speaks...

"I attended Andy's class in the Bahamas. We were a small group of people with varying painting expertise. I had none. Andy succinctly through words, analogies, and by visually painting a still-life the first day demonstrated that it mattered not whether you were a rank amateur or a seasoned painter. If you could understand, listen to and incorporate how Andy explained the relationship of 'seeing' to colour and shape then anyone could paint. He gave us his 'simplified version' of the colour wheel (thank you), helped us to learn the art of mixing with 4 (maybe 5) colours according to his colour wheel and sent us on our way. We chose our own subject matter. We filled our canvasses with all our preconceived trappings of our lives until, the aha moment happened. This might have been something Andy said, an insightful piece of advice, a reminder to keep it simple or a convergence of it all and suddenly shapes, colours and hues came together on the canvas. The feeling of freedom, of accomplishment was breathtaking (the feeling not necessarily the painting). It was also the realization that I could leave this course and go home, pick up paints and continue to grow as a painter. I would not return from the course as an Andy. I returned from the course empowered by how he showed me to see and then how to paint. It was not always easy but it was absolutely brilliant. I can't wait for the next opportunity to learn more from this exceptionally talented, easy going artist who recognizes, encourages and respects the individuality of the members of his class. And in letting us all find our own way, he has given us all the tools to fly and enjoy what has kept him seeing the world in his own beautiful unique way. Talk to him, pick his brain, ask for his help, question him ... he loves the dialogue and will always make sure you understand before you walk away. Cheers."
Bahamas Workshop 2017