ELLIPSIS Shipwrecked

Not two hours before midnight on Monday, 08 January 2018, the Atlantic Ocean shoved a helpless sailboat through the dangerous Elbow Cay Reef, Bahamas, and onto the cay's north shore. The boat with a crew of two men and two dogs had been at sea for 14 days - most of that time helpless as a result of storm damage; to boat and navigation and communications equipment. All survived. I met and spoke with the captain. He told me his strength came from his grandfather, a man he adored, a U. S. Marine who fought during World War II. The story of ELLIPSIS remarkable.

A couple of days later I walked - to draw and paint ELLIPSIS. The drawings are gel pen on paper (6 x 9 in.). The paintings gouache on paper (7 x 10 in.). All work copyright protected. 

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More in the Bahamas ...

The drawings and paintings of ELLIPSIS were but a small group of this year's work in the Bahamas. Opting to not conduct workshops, my aim was to relax and draw and paint for the pure pleasure and to capture "snapshots" reflecting the flavors of Hope Town. In all more than 150 drawings and paintings completed on paper 4 x 6 in.; 6 x 9 in.; and 7 x 10 in. All work copyright protected. 

A small sampling ...